Beauty Tips for Party Makeup


At the very corner, rolling wedding bells. Here are some DIY tips for party makeup from expert Aashmeen Munjaal, with too many parties to attend and most of them on weekdays. Simple and quick, you will be ready in no time for the evening. And yes, these tips are going to save you a few grands at the parlour, too.

woman in orange and white floral dress wearing gold crown

A correct start produces a perfect finish. Start with simple washing and hydrating of the face. Since a properly moisturized skin can act as a good primer for the makeup, it is a very important step. Follow it up with the matching skin tone base and let it settle for ten minutes. It is possible to use those ten minutes for eye makeup.Apply the right shade of compact powder as the base sets in.

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Apply many light layers over your concealer instead of rubbing on a thick layer of foundation, and build it up to give it a natural and smooth look. Blend, blend and then blend some more, as it means that by the time you enter the crowd, your foundation doesn’t start to look cakey.

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By covering the base and soaking in the sweat or other greasy effect, it will assist in giving a natural look.For party makeup, Illuminiser proves perfect. For all skin tones, the simple illuminator cream works. Use it under the bone of the eyebrow and develop your features. Also, it will give the eyes a bolder look.

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The next move is to show the bones of the jaw. To do it well, use a shimmer. With metallic shades like gold and bronze, shades of pink work well for fair complexions and dusky tones will glam up. Wheatish complexion, either, will try.

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The most critical part now—the eyes. To illuminate your eyes, use various colors, such as black, blue, green and neon. In vogue, Catty’s eyes are back. How are catty eyes going to do it? Just easy. Build a base under and over the eye lids with nude eye shadow. Apply black eyeliner, Kohl outline and finish with generous mascara coats.Pout: Get the super seductive pout by using a lip liner to trace your lips and adding 2-3 coats of wine or red lipstick.

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Much as a hair spray keeps your styled hair intact, your makeup locks in a makeup environment spray and lets it last longer. If a make-up spray is not convenient for you, then just add some setting powder. The powder will give your makeup a matt finish, minus the oil, making your beauty simple at home.

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Bring a pouch of all your makeup essentials to keep yourself protected from any makeup melting emergencies. In case of a humid situation, this would include the lipstick, a compact, a concealer in case of a smudgy situation, and tissues.

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Hope you're making great use of those tips. Mail us  below if you have any questions.